Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What's it all about Alfie?

Why? why? why? Why a blog, why these colors, why me, why now?

Lets start with the easy stuff. I started blogging late into the whole thing. My fondness for the internet led me into chatting and web surfing first. I did some web design in journalism class, but quite low tech. I did have a personal blog for a while, but it wasn't my idea at all.

A couple of years ago, I decided to start a movie review blog. I like to share my views on the really neat things my local library had to offer. I bumbled along tinkering with that for a while. Today it's got almost 600 posts. I do it to amuse myself and exercise my writing muscles.
"I thought, maybe it'd be fun to start a community where people could learn to live happier lives."
When I was promoting the movie blog, I came across other blogs that I really liked. I thought, maybe it'd be fun to start a community where people could learn to live happier lives.
I chose the colors for my own likes coupled with finding purple a prominent color for people who are working on recovering from a troubled childhood. The pale orange just seemed to compliment. These things may or may not change based on feedback. I'm pretty open to whatever works.

I'll share my history and plans in posts, and I hope you will too. I live online. It's A OK with me if you just pass through and lurk and participate when you can.

Finally, i thought about using my "real name," or some variation of the same as I want this to be an open and honest site. Then I decided my nickname of OiVey, both fit in with an aspect of this place and defined me as a person.

It's a Yiddish expression roughly translated means "oh, the pain." I'm not Jewish nor am I in pain any longer, but the expression just found it's way into my personality. It's me and I am it.

My genuine contact information will be clearly provided for all on a contacts page soon.

Lets all help each other learn to LIVE BRAVE!

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