Saturday, June 20, 2009

Learn to Survive and Thrive!

I survived a painful childhood that included neglectful erratic parents, violent caretakers and sick step-parents. I'll share my story as I go along with this blog. First some notes on the purpose of this space.

I found help through telling my story and hearing how other people found ways to cope. I hope to build a community of folks who want to heal too. No matter where you may be on your journey, lets see what we can do together.

Let me help.

John Bradshaw said he believed all the birds can be flying in the wrong direction. Yes, everyone has some level of family strife. Though all are welcome to participate in this community, I'm hoping to help people who are struggling from painful memories.

Even if you love your parents and you have a great relationship now, you may still need help sorting out how you feel about the past. Therapy can be an excellent tool. I heartily endorse using it along with support groups. I am not a trained counselor and will never pretend to be. I am just someone who survived and I can show you what I did.

If you survived physical or sexual abuse, neglect by means of substance abusing parent, this place is for you.

I believe that people do not make relationship decisions in a vacuum. So if you engage in self abuse as an adult, whether it be substance abuse or staying in a violent relationship, this is also the place for you.

Lets all learn about happiness together.

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