Friday, June 12, 2009


These products help me get the rest I need to start tackling the past.

We'll begin with Chamomile or Sleepy Time tea. They make life mellow and calm and also have a reputation for helping with regularity. I haven't noticed this for myself, but maybe I don't drink enough.

I also found remedy in Calms Forte, an herbal supplement given to me by a chiropractor after an accident. It worked wonders and helped me get to sleep quicker than usual.

Finally, if you are a person who can tolerate dairy, try some milk or cheese. Yogurt might even work, I don't know I'm not a fan. I know it can also help with digestion.

Please check out these fine products from Amazon:

Celestial Seasonings Sweet Clementine Chamomile Organic Herb Tea (Package Count: 6)


Hyland's - Calms Forte, 100 tablets

Have any sleep assistants of your own? Please share them with a comment.

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