Thursday, July 17, 2014


Someone made a joke about dying from cancer and someone else found that offensive. I let it slide because I think we need to confront big scary things with humor.

When I had cancer last year, I asked people to make me laugh. The big scary procedures deeply freaked me out. I sat and shook and cried myself to sleep. Real, raw deep emotions welled up and I let them roam free. I find it helps me.

My way may not be for everyone. Whatever works for you, do it that way.

I wonder if people thought I was mentally challenged when I went to my CAT scan in kitty ears and a kitty tshirt? Or maybe they thought that when I was wearing pajamas and a robe standing outside the pharmacy? I care that they think I'm not smart, but not enough to take off the kitty ears.

Some things I feel deeper about than others. I want to be thought of as smart, knowledgeable and kind. I have given up wishing to be thought beautiful, fashionable or like other people.

Maybe given up is wrong. I care less about beauty, fashion or "fitting in." I try and live my values.

What things do you care most about when being judged by other people?  Do you respond in ways that are consistent with your views or do you bow to social pressure to conform? I totally get that urge. I conform sometimes. Just to avoid the hassle.

I wonder if one should do the hassle more and more? Get yourself used to it so that the world doesn't run you over and challenge you quite so much. Maybe that's why I keep confronting issues. Maybe it teaches me how to live my values and keep myself mentally fit.

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  1. I learned to totally quit caring about what other people think about me. I concentrate on pleasing myself, and to Hell with anyone else. I have been so happy since I learned to forget about what other people think and concentrate on what pleases me. I think we have to learn to be somewhat selfish in this way in order to find true inner peace, a selfishness that protects us from assault and infringement from others. One of the hardest things I had to learn was to just say no to other people when I really didn't want to engage in or do things they were asking of me. The first "no" is the hardest; after that it becomes easier and easier and will really begin to free the spirit and allow you to concentrate on the things that bring more happiness to you. Peace.


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